Shifting motor transmission structure of electrical bicycle



The utility model relates to a shifting motor transmission structure of an electrical bicycle. The transmission structure comprises a motor chamber and a transmission, wherein the motor chamber and the transmission are separated by a casing, a driving shaft is arranged in the motor chamber, one end of the driving shaft extends into the transmission, an output shaft is arranged in the transmission, one end of the output shaft extends to the outer side of a transmission cover, an oil seal is arranged at the matching part of the driving shaft and the casing, an oil seal is arranged at the matching part of the output shaft and the transmission cover, the top and bottom of the transmission are respectively provided with an oil filling port and an oil drain port, and the top of the transmission is provided with a labyrinth. The shifting motor transmission structure of the electrical bicycle has the advantages that the lubricating method that the splashed thin oil can be replaced is adopted, and the labyrinth can perform the ventilation and pressure-reduction functions; the problem of quick abrasion of parts due to lack of oil is solved, and the service life of the part is doubled; the manufacturing cost is low, the installation is convenient, and the like.




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