Novel detection mechanism for nail polish filling machine



The utility model discloses a novel detection mechanism for a nail polish filling machine. The novel detection mechanism for the nail polish filling machine comprises a supporting board, a U-shaped board, fixing blocks, movable columns and sensors, wherein the supporting board is playground-shaped; a connection cylinder is arranged on the upper surface of the supporting board; the U-shaped board is connected with the lower surface of the supporting board; the two fixing blocks are connected with the U-shaped board; the fixing blocks are arranged up and down and are uniformly provided with two round holes; the round holes on the two fixing blocks correspond to one to one; the sensor is arranged inside the round hole at the upper end of each fixing block, and the movable column is arranged inside the round hole at the lower end of each fixing hole; each movable column is sleeved with a spring; the supporting board and the connection cylinder are integrally formed; the inside of the connection cylinder is cylindrically hollowed, and is formed with two connection holes by means of passing through the wall of the connection cylinder; a round block with a diameter more than each movable column is arranged at the lower end of each movable column. The novel detection mechanism provided by the utility model has the beneficial effects in that the novel detection mechanism is novel in structure, and can be used for filling one or a plurality of bottles to be filled simultaneously, so that the bottles are controlled to be filled one by one and a filling process is finished until the sensors cannot sense the bottles to be filled.




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