Expander assembly



The utility model relates to an expander assembly. The expander assembly comprises an expander fixing shaft, an expanding ball, an expanding sleeve and an expander pin. The expanding ball is provided with an expanding ball through hole and mounted on the expanding fixing shaft through the expanding sleeve and the expander pin; the expanding sleeve is in a hollow cylindrical structure and provided with an insertion end, and the insertion end is provided with a cut groove in the axial direction, which communicates the peripheral wall of the insertion end and drives the insertion end into a plurality of radially-deformable elastic pieces which are circumferentially arranged; one end of the expanding fixing shaft is provided with an axial central hole, the insertion end penetrates the expanding ball through hole, is inserted inside the central hole and mounts the expanding sleeve on the expander fixing shaft through a first fastening structure; the expander pin is provided with an expander pin cap and an expander pin body connected with the expander pin cap, and the expander pin body is inserted into the expanding sleeve to stop the radial inward deformation of the elastic pieces and to be combined with the expanding sleeve through a second fastening structure. According to the expander assembly, by means of the radially-deformable capability of the insertion end of the expanding sleeve and the fastening structures, the expanding ball can be mounted on the expander fixing shaft conveniently, slip screwing due to failure of the screw structures between the expanding ball and an expanding rod can be avoided; meanwhile, the expander assembly is simple in structure.




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