Correcting device of T-type guide rail of container ship



The utility model provides a correcting device of a T-type guide rail of a container ship. The correcting device comprises a panel correcting block, at least two plate side supporting blocks, a pressure applying mechanism and at least two supporting tables, wherein the panel correcting block is provided with a first pressing face used for pressing the face of a web of the T-type guide rail and a second pressing face used for pressing the side face of a panel of the T-type guide rail, the first pressing face is parallel to the second pressing face, and height difference exists between the first pressing face and the second pressing face; each plate side supporting block is a wedge-shaped block; the pressure applying mechanism comprises a pressing head and a hanging tool used for hanging the pressing head; each supporting table is provided with a clamping seam used for containing the web of the T-type guide rail and the panel of the T-type guide rail, a through groove for containing the plate side supporting blocks, and a supporting plane, the through groove is located on the side face of the supporting table and intersected with the clamping seam, and the clamping seam penetrates through the supporting plane. The correcting device has the advantages of being simple in structure, suitable for large-scale production and high in correcting accuracy.




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