Magnetic stirring apparatus



The utility model discloses a magnetic stirring apparatus. The magnetic stirring apparatus comprises a magnetic stirring apparatus box, wherein a power switch, a rotating speed adjusting knob, a magnetic stirring table and an upright pole are arranged on the magnetic stirring apparatus box, a triangular beaker clamp for fixing a beaker is arranged above the magnetic stirring table, and the triangular beaker clamp is detachably fixed on the upright pole. The magnetic stirring apparatus has the advantages that as the triangular beaker clamp for fixing the beaker is arranged, the beaker can be prevented from toppling in the stirring process, so that liquid can be prevented from being spilled to influence experimental results and corrode the magnetic stirring apparatus, and therefore, the magnetic stirring apparatus is relatively safe, stable and long in service life in the using process; meanwhile, after the beaker is fixed very well, the beaker can be prevented from rotating along with a rotor, and thus a stirring effect and the use safety are improved.




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