Double-leg rigid-frame pier structure spanning existing building at small angle



The utility model relates to a double-leg rigid-frame pier structure spanning an existing building at a small angle. When a railway bridge and the existing building under the bridge intersect at the small angle, the building can not be spanned by a whole opening, so that opening span arrangement adjustment of the railway bridge in a large range is caused. According to the double-leg rigid-frame pier structure spanning the existing building at the small angle, pile foundations, bearing platforms and a rigid-frame pier are sequentially constructed from bottom to top, and the pile foundations and the bearing platforms arranged on the pile foundations are arranged in two sets and arranged at the two sides of the existing building under the bridge; the rigid-frame pier is a double-leg rigid-frame pier and the middle of the bottom end of the rigid-frame pier is recessed upwards, so that struts at the two sides are formed and placed on the bearing platforms at the two sides; the struts at the two sides of the double-leg rigid-frame pier incline outwards from top to bottom. According to a reinforced concrete double-leg rigid-frame bridge, designed and completed opening span arrangement of the railway bridge can be prevented from being adjusted and modified in the large range and the modification range is reduced; compared with other adjusting schemes, the increased investment amount is small; the construction technique is mature, the construction difficulty is small, and the quality is controllable; the construction period of the double-leg rigid-frame pier structure is short and influence on a total work period by structural adjustment is avoided or reduced.




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