Thin film rolling device with air blower



The utility model discloses a thin film rolling device with an air blower. The thin film rolling device comprises a support, two rotation rollers which are arranged in parallel are installed on the support, the rotation rollers are connected with a motor, the rotation directions of the two rotation rollers are opposite, a thin film winding drum is placed above the two rotation rollers, the two rotation rollers drive the thin film winding drum to rotate, an air inlet cylinder is further installed on the support, the air inlet cylinder is connected with the air blower, a plurality of air outlets are formed in the air inlet cylinder and the air outlets are aligned to the thin film winding drum. According to the thin film rolling device with the air blower, air blown by the air blower enters the air inlet cylinder and is blown to the thin film winding drum through the air outlets, the end of a thin film is tightly attached onto the winding drum and the follow-up film is then wound on the winding cylinder, therefore, the follow-up thin film is wound tightly and not prone to wrinkling and waste is reduced.




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