Multi-purpose sliding board



The utility model relates to a multi-purpose sliding board. The multi-purpose sliding board comprises a cabinet, a basketball basket, a sliding board body and a stair and is characterized in that the cabinet is composed of a top board, a first side board, a second side board and a rear board, and the first side board and/or the second side board are provided with side board holes; the basketball basket is arranged in front of the rear board and located in the cabinet; the sliding board body is of a soft cylindrical structure, connected to the top board and the second side board, and located outside the cabinet; the stair is formed by a plurality of square box structures in a spliced mode, and the stair is connected to the top board and the first side board and located outside the cabinet. The multi-purpose sliding board has multiple functions, comprises recreation projects like sliding, climbing and shooting, and provides abundant entertainment experience. Meanwhile all members can be folded and stored, the cabinet can serve as a common cabinet for use, space is saved, and the multi-purpose sliding board is suitable for home use.




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