Automatic fire-extinguishing device


  • Inventors: DIAO JUNQI
  • Assignees: 刁俊起
  • Publication Date: April 09, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203525187-U


The utility model relates to an automatic fire-extinguishing device, which is applied to the fire safety of a transformer. The automatic fire-extinguishing device comprises an aerosol fire extinguisher, and is characterized in that a starter with a detection end and a lead are connected to the aerosol fire extinguisher respectively. The automatic fire-extinguishing device has the benefits that the fire extinguisher can also be started under the action of the lead once the detection end fails, so that functions of the fire-extinguishing device are ensured without the influence of a geographical environment; the fire-extinguishing device is wide in application range, and is an ideal substitute product for all conventional automatic fire-extinguishing devices.




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