LED lamp with emergency power supply



The utility model discloses an LED lamp with an emergency power supply. The LED lamp comprises a lamp holder, a lamp body, a radiating fin group and lamp beads. A storage battery is arranged at a joint of the lamp holder and the lamp body, the radiating fin group is arranged on the lamp body via fixing parts, the lamp holder is arranged at the upper end of the lamp body, the lamp beads are arranged inside the lamp body, a lampshade is arranged at the lower end of the lamp body, and a concave lens is arranged at the lower end of the lampshade and is arranged on an inner-ring clamp groove of the lampshade. The LED lamp has the advantages that the LED lamp is simple in structure, a light ray irradiation range can be expanded by the aid of a light divergence principle of the concave lens, and accordingly lamp light can be used for illumination to the greatest extent; the LED lamp is provided with the storage battery for emergency power supply; radiating fins can be detached via the fixing parts, and accordingly the LED lamp is convenient to use, perfect in illumination effect, low in cost and easy to popularize and utilize.




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