Simple carving machine


  • Inventors: LI MINGXUE
  • Assignees: 李明雪
  • Publication Date: April 02, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203511123-U


The utility model relates to a simple carving machine, belongs to a machining tool, and mainly solves the problem that positioning is difficult during hand carving. The simple carving machine comprises a machine body. A cutter rest of the machine body is fixed on a connecting bar. The other end of the connecting bar is connected with a universal joint. One end of the connecting bar and one end of a rocker are both inserted into the universal joint and locked and then can freely rotate. A clamp is fixed on a telescoping bar. A fastening bolt penetrates into threaded holes of two lugs of the clamp. The other-end polished rod of the fastening bolt is provided with a transverse through hole. One end of the rocker is inserted into the through hole, and the other end of the rocker is connected with the universal joint. A base is connected to the bottom of the telescoping bar. When the simple carving machine is in use, a cutter head mounted on the cutter rest can optionally rotate, ascend and descend so as to achieve optional spatial positioning; the simple carving machine is simple in structure and safe and convenient to use, the base is highly stable, the simple carving machine can be folded and stored thus little space is occupied, and the simple carving machine is convenient to carry and very suitable for hand carving.




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