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CA-62008-A: Vehicule pour l'eau patent, CA-620216-A: Rotary switch with removable units patent, CA-620666-A: Method for preparing coked briquets from high volatile caking coals patent, CA-620914-A: Control apparatus for proportioning device for fluid materials patent, CA-621243-A: Chrominance signal demodulators for color television patent, CA-621755-A: Anti-stall system for airplanes patent, CA-622488-A: Control system for an internal combustion engine patent, CA-623388-A: Method and apparatus for handling foundry flasks patent, CA-623791-A: Bevel gear generating machine patent, CA-623883-A: Transmission of color tv and sound signals patent, CA-624058-A: Storage battery plates patent, CA-624676-A: Holder for flexible surgical tubing patent, CA-625668-A: Light-sensitive screen sheet for the production of a pigment image patent, CA-625763-A: Electrical inverter circuits patent, CA-626953-A: Electroluminescent lamp construction patent, CA-627364-A: Electrical multi-point monitoring circuits patent, CA-627587-A: Apparatus for feeding filamentary particles patent, CA-627743-A: Coagulation patent, CA-628098-A: Toggle switch patent, CA-628171-A: Powder dispenser patent, CA-629028-A: Furnace ladling apparatus patent, CA-629503-A: Clamps patent, CA-629953-A: Delayed action battery patent, CA-630298-A: Endless tape reel for magnetic tape recording and reproduction patent, CA-630657-A: Process for removal of carbonates from ores patent, CA-630718-A: Fumigating with ethylene bromide and methyl bromide patent, CA-630991-A: Control valve patent, CA-632110-A: Control devices for automatic machine tools patent, CA-63249-A: Graphophone actionne par une piece de monnaie patent, CA-633173-A: Polymerisation of olefines patent, CA-634550-A: Preparation of fluorinated nitroso compounds patent, CA-634763-A: Fuel for internal combustion engines patent, CA-635686-A: Process of producing polyethylene powders patent, CA-636290-A: Combustion chambers patent, CA-636298-A: Repeating circuit interrupters patent, CA-637880-A: Vehicle wheel covers patent, CA-63826-A: Chaudiere a vapeur patent, CA-640546-A: Electrical relays patent, CA-641186-A: Velocity modulation electron discharge device patent, CA-641638-A: Waistband assembly for garment patent, CA-641751-A: Folding ladder patent, CA-641994-A: Automatic exposure control for photographic cameras patent, CA-642187-A: Method of preparing organosilicon graft polymers patent, CA-642932-A: Blown bitumens and a process for making them patent, CA-643423-A: Gas operated engine heater patent, CA-643505-A: Thermoplastic container and method of making same patent, CA-645650-A: Pulp washer and filter patent, CA-646083-A: Combined tractor and power mower patent, CA-646094-A: Wheel jack patent, CA-647198-A: Electronic computer circuits patent, CA-648376-A: Leg-rest and leg-rest control means for reclining chair patent, CA-649362-A: Process for the production of alkanols patent, CA-649516-A: Bulk milk tank patent, CA-649826-A: High flexural strength copolymers and method of preparing the same patent, CA-650498-A: Operating mechanism for an electric switch patent, CA-650534-A: Thermocouple patent, CA-6510-A: Ajustage de semoir a la volee aux traceurs patent, CA-651217-A: Reserpic acid diesters and salts thereof and process for their manufacture patent, CA-651847-A: Ignition system for an internal combustion engine patent, CA-652994-A: Contact making devices patent, CA-65389-A: Incandescing mantle for gas burner patent, CA-653904-A: Electroluminescent cell and method patent, CA-655230-A: Oxidation resistant hydrocarbon compositions patent, CA-655442-A: Method and apparatus for producing smoke patent, CA-657142-A: Adhesive tape patent, CA-657410-A: Engine ignition system cable patent, CA-658867-A: Bolt patent, CA-65909-A: Appareil a faire les roues a alluchons patent, CA-659195-A: High speed mowers patent, CA-659535-A: Process for the flotation of minerals with the help of collecting mixtures patent, CA-659730-A: Device for manual storage of information patent, CA-659731-A: Flexible coupling member patent, CA-659960-A: Packaging device patent, CA-660188-A: Dashboard structures patent, CA-660301-A: Polymethine sensitizing dyes and photographic emulsions patent, CA-660569-A: Synchronous selectivity receiver patent, CA-660692-A: Side wall valves patent, CA-660728-A: Insulated fireproof building panel patent, CA-661068-A: X-ray tube having a rotary anode patent, CA-661581-A: N,n'-dialkylalkylenediamines as antitubercular agents patent, CA-662267-A: Thermoelectric heating and cooling patent, CA-662563-A: Hydraulic fluid base oils patent, CA-662611-A: Pile hammer operable with either diesel or drop hammer effect patent, CA-662799-A: Methods of making thin reinforced tubular diaphragms patent, CA-663689-A: Fluid mixing device patent, CA-663929-A: Windshield wiper system patent, CA-664186-A: Gravity drive secondary recovery method patent, CA-664383-A: Electrical vapor detector patent, CA-664610-A: Method and apparatus for amplifying seismic signals patent, CA-665111-A: Motion translating mechanism for switch patent, CA-665162-A: Harvester patent, CA-666055-A: Petroleum coke electrodes patent, CA-666450-A: Apparatus for treatment of hydrocarboniferous material patent, CA-667935-A: Machine for gathering and loading stones patent, CA-668418-A: Broaching machines patent, CA-668436-A: Head construction for electric razors patent, CA-668813-A: Room temperature curing organopolysiloxane patent, CA-670129-A: Process of producing benzene alkylates patent, CA-670736-A: Reversible belt drive assembly patent, CA-671539-A: Hand fire arm patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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