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KR-200414941-Y1: air cleaner patent, KR-200415012-Y1: Panel for assembly of a compley function patent, KR-200415107-Y1: 파티션 patent, KR-200415174-Y1: Glare shield structure of the welding helmet patent, KR-200415662-Y1: food deliver box patent, KR-200415704-Y1: multipurpose table patent, KR-200416240-Y1: 콘베이어 벨트 표면부 청소장치 patent, KR-200416778-Y1: Hose band of a fire extinguisher patent, KR-200417225-Y1: 거푸집의 철근 받침대 patent, KR-200418000-Y1: A location fixing device for aluminum form patent, KR-200418055-Y1: 소형 cnc 머신 조립 키트장치 patent, KR-200418542-Y1: 정신 안정모 patent, KR-200418604-Y1: concrete block pavement made of bottom ash patent, KR-200421094-Y1: 난연성, 흡음 및 차음 특성이 우수한 건축내장재용 부직포복합판재 patent, KR-200421553-Y1: 방음 보온 종이 겹 판지 patent, KR-200421944-Y1: 응원용 장갑 patent, KR-200422593-Y1: 그립 파지력 강화밴드가 고정부착된 골프장갑 patent, KR-200422834-Y1: Apparatus for power control in a multiple antenna system patent, KR-200423032-Y1: Eductimal Humanoid Robot Platform Based on PC patent, KR-200424868-Y1: A dust gathering apparatus in drilling patent, KR-200425042-Y1: 치아용 임플란트 patent, KR-200425392-Y1: crystallizer patent, KR-200425543-Y1: Disposable lip-gloss patent, KR-200425607-Y1: The utensil for wash off the dirt towel patent, KR-200425720-Y1: A device using parts of a cell-phone patent, KR-200426418-Y1: A fan for warm and cold wind patent, KR-200426751-Y1: Controlling an apparatus for spay-particle of the humidifier patent, KR-200426839-Y1: 세척용 전동브러쉬 patent, KR-200427671-Y1: Lighting apparatus patent, US-5271268-A: Ionic current sensing apparatus patent, KR-200428995-Y1: 개폐가 가능한 덮개 발가락 양말 patent, KR-200429294-Y1: A hurdle patent, KR-200431073-Y1: 미용가위 patent, KR-200431454-Y1: 걸레 세척장치 patent, KR-200431495-Y1: A chair patent, KR-200432865-Y1: 내풍압 강화기능을 갖는 미닫이창호 결합장치 patent, KR-200433543-Y1: 의류 옷단 늘어짐 방지구조 patent, KR-200433612-Y1: Automatic GPS survey pedestal patent, KR-200435044-Y1: 컴퓨터용 마우스 보조커버 patent, KR-200435390-Y1: 부교 골프 연습장 patent, KR-200436375-Y1: Forehead implants patent, KR-200437458-Y1: 슬러지 건조장치 patent, KR-200438440-Y1: Plug connector with mating protection and alignment means patent, KR-200439218-Y1: 차량용 방수기능 스피커 장치 patent, KR-200439501-Y1: 미소차압계 patent, KR-200439508-Y1: 인삼밭용 지주대 patent, KR-200439673-Y1: a packing case for false eyelashes patent, KR-200440676-Y1: 조립식 선반 patent, KR-200440949-Y1: 지지 볼트 및 이 볼트를 구비하는 이중 바닥재용 지지대 patent, KR-200441006-Y1: Wind-break subsidiary materials for windows patent, KR-200441262-Y1: 전기뇌관용 전선 접속구 patent, KR-200441710-Y1: 착탈식 다기능 비상유도장치 patent, KR-200442380-Y1: The catheter fixing band patent, KR-200442504-Y1: 농약 살포용 마스크 patent, KR-200442771-Y1: A many purposes handkerchief patent, KR-200443676-Y1: 원형날개를 가진 얼굴 비대칭 측정기 patent, KR-200443753-Y1: 트랙터 장착용 수직승강 프론트 로더 작업장치 및 그것을구비한 프론트 로더 patent, KR-200444368-Y1: A fixing device of filter used in horizontal type dust collector patent, KR-200444395-Y1: Structure of junction box patent, KR-200444553-Y1: Cover coupling structure of draining pipe for washbowl patent, KR-200444884-Y1: A standing device for an umbrella patent, KR-200444917-Y1: A electric stove of temperature regulation system patent, KR-200445036-Y1: Tape cutting edge devices, vending edge of the device patent, KR-200460691-Y1: 보조선반이 설치된 다층 책장 patent, KR-200478471-Y1: 버클 patent, KR-200480713-Y1: Cold and hot water mat patent, KR-200484045-Y1: 초간편 솔라캡 벨트 전동보행기 patent, KR-780000191-Y1: Straw-cutting and extruding device patent, KR-780001049-Y1: Tooth brush with inserted tooth-paste patent, KR-780001062-Y1: Soil charging apparatus for seed pot patent, KR-790000199-Y1: Tv outlet unit patent, KR-790000637-Y1: Tape adhesion patent, KR-790000891-Y1: Briquet holder patent, KR-790001383-Y1: 안전콘센트 커버 patent, KR-790001754-Y1: 자동 탶핑 보르반 patent, KR-790002064-Y1: 전기겸용구멍탄 온수보일러의 강제순환장치 patent, KR-790002217-Y1: Trouble-checking circuit of gas-detecting ventilation patent, KR-800000480-Y1: Attachment device at boxes used for keeping and carrying parts of manufacturing goods patent, KR-800000621-Y1: Terminal cap for small size motor patent, KR-800001591-Y1: 수상 미끄럼대 patent, KR-800001881-Y1: 고압가스 호오스의 행거 patent, KR-800002021-Y1: 벼탈부기의 "아이들"의 요동 방지장치 patent, KR-810000549-Y1: 얼라암 전자시계 patent, KR-810001043-Y1: 유아용 교습용구 patent, KR-810001236-Y1: 자전거용 스탠드 patent, KR-810001588-Y1: Fixing device for sickle's handle patent, KR-810002434-Y1: 레코드 플레이어 patent, KR-810002567-Y1: Clading apparatus for aluminium and stainless steel patent, KR-810002636-Y1: 수냉식 중유버어너 patent, KR-820000064-Y1: 향신료 파쇄기 patent, KR-820000363-Y1: Sticking construction of rotary tail wheel patent, KR-820000876-Y1: Sharp pencil lead case patent, KR-820001914-Y1: 기타Guitar화음 연주장치 patent, KR-820002192-Y1: Marine oil storage installation patent, KR-820002579-Y1: 내연기관용 연료분사기 patent, KR-820002618-Y1: Containers and other liquid holding means patent, KR-830000247-Y1: 식품자동조리 판매기 patent, KR-830000554-Y1: 무전기의 축전지함 착탈장치 patent, KR-830001345-Y1: 세병기 patent, KR-830001595-Y1: 할로겐 램프 소켓 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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